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Discover the joy of planning and goal-setting.

Featured on CNN, Rollingstone Magazine, and Paperlike, the All-In-One digital planner delivers an unparalleled user experience, blending innovation, design, and functionality.

Expertly crafted to elevate productivity, drive goal achievement, and harmonize life balance, this versatile planner boasts a sleek design and seamless navigation with an extensive array of hyperlinks and buttons.

Embrace a personalized planning experience, tailored to your unique organizational style, with our intuitive and customizable digital planner.

Here's what's inside

• 2023 Full Year Planner
• 2024 Full Year Planner
• Undated Planner

• Sunday or Monday Start
4 themes – PASTEL, BOHO, GREY & PINK
2 daily layouts/4 weekly layouts
450+ stickers preinstalled in GoodNotes file for easy access
10000+ precropped digital stickers in varying colors (individual PNG files)
12 beautiful covers
User Guide

Planner Content

• Homepage Index
• Yearly Calendar
• Yearly Overview
• Yearly Goals
• Yearly Key Dates
• Monthly Calendar (Jan – Dec)
• Monthly Overview (Jan – Dec)
• Monthly Review (Jan – Dec)
• Weekly Plan (53 weeks with links to daily plan and weekly plan)
V1 – boxed week
V2 – horizontal week
V3 – vertical week
• Weekly Schedule (53 weeks)
• Weekly Reflection (53 weeks)
• Weekly Meal Planner & Grocery List (53 weeks)
• Daily Plan (365 days)
V1 – minimalist layout
V2 – balanced layout
• Yearly Finances
• Monthly Finances (Jan – Dec)
• Accounts Tracker
• Bill Tracker
• Savings Tracker
• Debt Payoff Tracker
• Weekly Meal Planner & Grocery List (53 weeks)
• Meal Ideas
• Recipe book (4 categorized sections, each section linked to 10 recipes)
• Kitchen Inventory
//WELLNESS// (Jan – Dec)
• Mood Tracker
• Habit Tracker
• Hydration Tracker
• Sleep Tracker
• Vitamins & Supplements Log
• Medication Log

• Fitness Plan
• Progress Tracker
• Exercise Tracker (Jan – Dec)
• Meal Plan (Jan – Dec)
• Steps Tracker
• Workout Log
• My Fitness Journey
• My Goals (linked to 9 Goal Planner pages)
• My Projects (linked to 9 Project Planner pages)
• Routine Planner
• Meeting Notes
• 30 Day Challenge
• Reading Log
• Movie/Show Log
• Cleaning Planner
• Vision board
• Brain dump
• Wishlist
• Travel Planner
• Time Tracker
• Delivery tracker
• Passwords
• Contacts
• Birthdays
• Categorized To Do Lists
• Things to Explore
• Custom Lists
• Notepaper X 6 (Lined, dotted, grid, Cornell X 2, blank)
• 10 Custom Sections accessible from Index (linked to 10 blank pages)
• Quick notes page

• Circle habit tracker
• Bucket list
• Emergency contacts

✅ This product is primarily designed for use on iPads and Android tablets, however, it also maintains compatibility with desktop and laptop computers, whether they operate on Apple or Windows systems. Please note that it is not compatible with devices such as Kindle and Remarkable 2, along with a few other tablet models. For those using e-ink tablets, we have a range of planners specifically designed for your needs.

✅ The digital planner has been designed to be used in conjunction with any PDF annotation app such as Goodnotes, Notability, Samsung Notes, Collanotes, Xodo etc.

If you’re new to digital planning, read more about Getting Started here.


For more information, visit our FAQ’s page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
John Nguyen

Solid planner. Simple design, easy to use, does its job. No complaints.

Antonio Toro

It has everything I need. Easy to use and the templates are very useful

Rachel Beekis

Wow, this All-In-One Digital Planner is the bomb! It's like having my life in one place - goals, finances, even meal plans. And those stickers? It's like my personal assistant that fits right in my tablet. Totally recommend!

Geoffrey Beotana


ioannis kalyvas

Digital Planner : All-In-One 2023 & 2024

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Digital Planner : All-In-One 2023 & 2024