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Introducing our refined Digital Notebook, meticulously designed with a harmonious blend of clarity and functionality. Uniquely tailored for optimal use with reMarkable 1 & 2 tablets, Kindle Scribe, BOOX, and Supernote devices, our digital notebook offers an unrivalled user experience.

This advanced Digital Notebook presents a multitude of customization options, allowing you to create a bespoke digital space that mirrors your preferences. With our intuitive interactive dashboard, you can effortlessly curate your ideal notebook environment.


Through our interactive download dashboard, you gain unlimited access to:

  • Convenient options for both Left-handed and Right-handed users
  • A selection of 8 diverse paper template options
  • Aesthetic preferences between Classic or Dark style versions
  • A variety of 8 exquisite cover designs

Our comprehensive digital notebook package comes complete with fully hyperlinked Notebook PDF files. Choose from an assortment of 8 unique notebook formats:

  • Narrow Lined Notebook with an index page and 24 sections
  • Medium Lined Notebook with an index page and 24 sections
  • Wide Lined Notebook with an index page and 24 sections
  • Blank Notebook with an index page and 24 sections
  • Grid Notebook with an index page and 24 sections
  • Wide Grid Notebook with an index page and 24 sections
  • Dot Grid Notebook with an index page and 24 sections
  • Wide Dot Grid Notebook with an index page and 24 sections

To enhance your customization experience, our notebook also includes an additional 40 paper templates, enabling endless possibilities for creating your ideal notebook.

Experience the pinnacle of digital notebook customization with our offering. Our Digital Notebook sets the standard for adaptability and user preference among Remarkable and other E-ink tablets. Purchase now and download your preferred version in a matter of minutes!


Please note, on Remarkable tablets, all hyperlinks respond solely to finger touch. Tap on a hyperlink with your finger; the stylus pen is non-responsive to the hyperlinks.

Also, keep in mind that this is a Digital Download Product, which means that you will receive the files immediately upon purchase.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Daniel Bolas

Digital Notebook for E-ink Tablets

Philip Manota
Love it

I always using this planner and its so useful and fun to use

Anil Naraindas
Nice tool for Samsung fold 5 and Hisense Q5 Tablet

Very nice....


Perfect! Just what I was looking for

Eduardo Valles

Excellent, this is the complement I was looking for

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Digital Notebook for E-ink Tablets